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One of TheBoyWonders ever changing avatars

TheBoyWonder is a Captain in the Timelords fleet. He has been a member of the fleet since June 8th 2011, when the fleet was first formed.

With the addition of Ranks into the fleet, he was given the rank of Captain by his superiors, something he is greatly honoured by.

TheBoyWonder is a part of Timelord's security division.

Star Trek Online Edit

TheBoyWonder started playing Star Trek Online when it became free to play.

Federation character: (Primary) - Ra's al Ghul, Rear Admiral

Klingon character: Nahlvek, Lieutenant

Romulan character: S'tev tr'Letan


Chatango: LastSonOfGallifrey

Primary ship - U.S.S Ares, Dervish class escort (customized variant) NCC - 111094 
USS Ares solo

The U.S.S. Ares


TheBoyWonder has been decorated with the following:

Dedicated service ribbon (1 year) 
Dedicated service - 1 year

Federation special task force ribbon 
STF ribbon

Appreciation ribbon 
Appreciation ribbon

Starbase worker ribbon 
Starbase worker ribbon
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