On August 1st 2012,Star Trek:Infinite Space is no longer in development.As of August 16th 2012, the Star Trek:Infinite Space official development forum has been shutdown.May it rest in peace.

Star Trek: Infinite Space, and TimelordsEdit


Star Trek Infinite Space was first announced in great detail, in early 2011. A few months later, Timelords was created by Admiral Q. It took a while, but then more and more members started joining. Timelords was dedicated to Infinite Space, but in August 2011, more games were added to our list.

Infinite Space descriptionEdit

Infinite Space is a 3D browsergame run on the Unity Game Engine. Unity is a plugin, like flash player, that takes seconds to download, and most computers can run it, even macs. The beauty of Infinite Space is that it is run in the browser, with no download required, and is free to play. There are very detailed models being produced for the game, but they are limited in it, as it is run in the browser, and they want nearly everyone to be able to play it.

Many complain about how little updates and news there is, but any patient person will know that the game is almost finished, and a surprise is better than knowing everything.

The game is set in the canon Deep Space Nine timeline, starting around Season 3.


Infinite Space has many non-playable factions, but they have two starter factions.

Non Playable:Edit

  • Romulan Star Empire (may be the third faction playable)
  • Dominion Alliance
  • Cardassian Union
  • Ferengi Commerce Authority
  • Borg Collective (possibility, but unconfirmed at this point)


  • Klingon Empire
  • United Federation of Planets

It is likely that more factions will be added to the playable ones, and perhaps more to the NPC, but this has not been confirmed.

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