Rank StructureEdit

Our fleet has many ranks. They are listed below, from highest privileges to lowest.

Flag OfficersEdit

Fleet Admiral (Admiral First Class)

Admiral (Admiral Second Class)

Vice Admiral

Rear Admiral


Senior OfficersEdit



Lieutenant Commander

Junior OfficersEdit


Lieutenant Junior Grade



Enlisted crewmember


Political and Diplomatic Envoys (Foreign, limited access)Edit


Aide (to assist Ambassador in delegations)

Rank advancementEdit

If you want to be promoted, you will have to post in the appropriate forum requesting a promotion. The application will have to be in proper format.


Our fleet is divided into departments, also known as divisions. Each department focuses on a specific task. The departments are...

Command - this department makes all the important decisions about internal affairs or combat with other fleets. The default color is red.

Security - this department will take care of the internal security and ingame security for fleet meetings. The default color is yellow. (lol!)

Diplomacy - this department takes care of the diplomatic relations with other fleets. The default color is blue.

Academy - this department takes care of recruiting new members, teaching them the basics of the game, helping if you're stuck on a mission, or other wise need help. Ask all of your questions about the fleet/gameplay there! The default color is green.

Department requirementsEdit

To apply to a department, you have to be at least a Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in our fleet. Also, as you can see in the case of applying for a promotion, the application has to be in proper format. It can be found here.

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