Timelords Starbase (United Federation of Planets Starbase [Name]) Edit

Coming in the Season 6 update of Star Trek Online, Timelords Fleet will be purchasing a Fleet Starbase. We will start with a Tier I and work our way up. We have little information on pricing, but we should be able to get our Starbase relatively easily. Upgrading should be the hard part. All that will matter is just having it, though. Some estimates are as high as 50 million Energy Credits for pricing, but quite honestly, that's ridiculous. Almost no fleets could afford that, or want to spend that much.

Prices are more realistically under 10 million for the first level. Crafting components may be involved as well, but our Fleet already has some Expert and Novice crafters prepared to take on the task. We have been piling up resources for a while now, so hopefully the economic part will fall into place perfectly. No matter what, we will certainly be getting a Starbase.

Defense (if possible)Edit

It has been mentioned that there will be PvP and PvE involving the Starbases. It can be assumed that Starbases will have different equipment slots like normal Starships. If so, then our earliest upgrades should focus on Defense, Research type modules can come later.

Security Guards for the fleet will patrol the Starbase regularly, if it is actually needed. They may be supplemented by NPC Security, once again, if possible. So much is still unknown.


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