Dorus' wannabe ship: an Akula

Former Admiral Dorus took his place within the ranks of Timelords, commiting himself to the fleet 8 August 2011. Though not a founding member, he reached the rank of Admiral via Emergency Field Commission in late March 2012.


This officer of the Timelords Fleet was amazed by the spirit of science-fiction since his childhood and by Star Trek for the last 6-7 years. He has some experience already with ST-lore and games, preferring canon materials.

He was part of Internal Security, as CO of Internal Security Division.

Dorus (in his real life) is currently not a student, nor employed. He is seeking entry to university. He is very much of a "Renaissance Man" with the little exception of being not very well in every fact, but to have heard about a lot of things. Slightly creative too: develops an own fantasy RPG-world (which is currently paused).


  • Sci-Fi (Asimov, Lem, ST, SW, etc.)
  • Fantasy (Tolkien, R.A. Salvatore, RPG-s, etc.)
  • As it seems above: Reading (almost everything from newspapers to books)
  • PC (above the normal user level but not a programmer)
  • Gaming (not only on computer)
  • Sports (football - for US soccer - and almost any ballgame)

Involvement in the FleetEdit

You can find him easily at the official ST:IS boards, Timelords homepage or Timelords Forum, where he's ready to help in fleet and/or other matters. (Of course, as long as it is in his authority.)

Otherwise Dorus acts as editor of smaller video-clips, -sequences or images. Like a self-propelled propaganda officer of the Fleet. You can find his workshop at the Timelords Forum.

Since late December 2011, Chief Editor of the 'Timelords' Fleet Magazine, The Promenade.

As of October 2013, Admiral Dours retired from Timelords.

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