Flying Cat Man is hosting a Minecraft Tekkit Modded ServerEdit

Tekkit is a mod pack that combines dozens of mods at once. Normally, this wouldn't work, but the Technic Team worked out a way for all of these mods to work on Multiplayer flawlessly. This is a very fun mod pack and adds so much to Minecraft, you can't miss out on it. It's also hard to find a good server.



  • Minecraft "Essential" Bukkit Plugins (Set a home you can teleport to, teleport to other players, etc.)
  • Stargate Plugin (Allows you to create Stargates to teleport you around the world.)
  • Logging Plugin (Chopping down the bottom log of a tree chops down the whole tree, like in real life.)
  • A Recipe-managing Plugin (I have no idea what it does, but might as well list it.)

Other DetailsEdit

  • If you have purchased Minecraft, you can get the Tekkit mod by downloading the Launcher at this link . Don't worry about over-writing your normal Minecraft, Tekkit is completely separate. Be sure to select the Tekkit mod after installing the launcher, not Technic.
  • You will want Tekkit Version 2.1.0, it is a Recommended Build. Do this, by clicking in the "options" button near the login.
  • After you get Tekkit fully installed and at the right version, you will need to follow this link. Download the Client version' of ComputerCraft. Go to the %appdata% folder on your computer, then to .techniclauncher. Continue to the t'ekkit folder, to mods, then replace the ComputerCraft folder with the one you just downloaded.
  • The server is cracked, which means if you haven't purchased Minecraft, you can still play on it. This requires more steps, however.
  • Recommended Texture Pack: DokuCraft Light.
  • If you don't know how to play Tekkit, we can help teach you, and there are so many helpful tutorial videos and guides out there.
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