Cadet uniforms (L-R): 1. Command, 2. Security-Operations, 3. Diplomatic-Medical, 4. Academical

Cadets of the Timelords Fleet are those enlisted members, who are seeking more involvement in the fleet and want to step on the path to become trusted, higher ranked officers.

Enlisted to CadetsEdit

After the member decided to put his/her casual gamer past behind, he/she requests a transfer to the Academy, where the training begins. From that time on, the member is known as Cadet X.Y. .


At the moment the Fleet Command has no fully prepared education materials or syllabus. On the other hand, the basic principles are already known. The Cadet will enter the Academy with a superior officer (probably from the department which the Cadet might choose later), who will try to give the necessary and needed information and education for the prospective junior officer.


Upon completing the training course the Department CO (in most times the Academy CO, currently Crazymontana), if the trainee is ready, can approve to promote him/her to Lieutenant. After that, because the junior officer was already trained in the way of his/her prospective department of choice, he/she can post an application to be transferred to the specific department.