Admiral Crazymontana has been a member of the Timelords since June 20th 2011

Since then Crazy has been trying to be a productive member of the fleet,

Timelords Academy with Gallifreyan symbol

Timelords Academy Logo

Rank & Department.Edit

Rank: EX-Admiral

Departement: Timelords Academy later on Internal Security

Functions: Commanding Officer, Head of Academy, Head of Internal Security.

Real lifeEdit

In real life Crazymontana is a busy guy, who is doing a lot of volunteer work.

The jobs he does as volunteer are listed below.

  • Driver of an animal ambulance
  • International Red Cross (First Aid department)
  • Local first aid organization
  • Lifeguard

His wish is to one day be a paramedic on a normal ambulance.

Games OnlineEdit

Desert Operations (NL&UK servers)


Battlestar Galactica Online

Ikariam (sometimes)

Star Trek: Infinite Space (as soon as it comes out, if it ever does)

Star Trek Online

Games OfflineEdit

GTA (II,III,vice city, san andreas, IV)

Dragon Age Origins

Sims 3 (and all the addons)

Sims Medieval


Assasins Creed

Assasins Creed II

Favorite booksEdit

Harry potter

The hobbit

Lord of the rings

Favorite moviesEdit

Harry Potter

Lord of the rings

All star trek movies


Favorite seriesEdit

Star Trek TNG, DS9, VOY.

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